Our offer to you is simple…

We will proactively monitor and maintain your devices, servers, and network to secure your revenue.

Managed IT

Management of your IT infrastructure for a fixed monthly fee

Cyber Security

Protect your infrastructure from security threats


Cloud technologies for business mobility and continuity

Backup & DR

Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions for your most valueble asset


VOIP Services to save costs and increase mobility

Data Recovery

Data Recovery on a wide variety of data sources

Evaluate IT Support with just four questions.

Ask the right questions to really understand whether an IT Company is a fit for your organization. Here are the answers you’ll hear from a company that is completely aligned with your business.

How is your current IT Service contract structured? Is there anything that you're charged extra for?

Our Answer

We provide truly flat-rate pricing. You will never be charged for labour. Ever. We will grow and contract with you with no changes to the level of service you’ll receive.

Does your IT provider charge any sort of on-boarding fee to get started? If so, how much?

Our Answer

We don’t have any on-boarding fees to get started. We take all the risk. Our contract is simple and transparent, and aligns our business goals with yours.

Are you charged project fees, labour for system upgrades, office moves, or installing new equipment?

Our Answer

Zero project fees. Zero labour fees for ANY upgrades, moves, or installing equipment. You won’t be charged for labour for anything.

Does your monthly IT service fee go up and down based on your needs? How so?

Our Answer

A simple flat rate monthly fee only adjusts based on your success. Our contract scales as your business grows and even contracts if times get tough.